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RED is a privately owned real estate development company with its main focus within commercial properties. The company works exclusively with external shopping destinations so-called Retail Parks and specializes in this area.

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Continued development by RED in Bernstorp

It is now official that, in cooperation with the municipality of Burlöv, RED will continue with their plans to expand the retail area in Stora Bernstorp in Malmö/Burlöv even further.Just over a year ago, RED initiated their extensive plans for the retail area with the vision of making Bernstorp the dominant northern external retail area in the Malmö region.The old Media Markt house is now history and this autumn the new gigantic Bauhaus store of approximately 17,000 square meters will open in its place.

EKO Stormarknad to new retail project in Eastern Birsta, Sundsvall

Recently, the duo RED and Peritas entered into a land acquisition agreement regarding land for retail development in the eastern part of Birsta's retail area in Sundsvall, right next to ICA Maxi. There were already then advanced dialogues with well renowned retailers regarding the area, where the goal is to strengthen the external retail in the eastern part of Birsta through the project, which amounts to approximately 17,000 square meters of commercial retail space.