Trio disposes Retail Property in Sundsvall

The trio of Peritas, Kvalitena and RED, disposes their newly developed Retail Property of approx. 17,000 sqm in Östra Birsta.

The retail property, today consisting of Eko Hallen, Elgiganten and Jysk, have experienced a very positive development. The last phase of the project is currently under construction and is expected to be finalised during fall 2020, with a Dollarstore of almost 4.200 sqm.

"We are very pleased and proud over that successfully being able to finalise this project at such short time, while we can also prove that retail yet is strong with the right mix of retail tenants. Also, we show that we have the capacity and  trust from the tenants to continue  to strengthen strong retail parks" says Ronald Rico, CEO of RED.

"We are happy to have further developed Birsta with additional work opportunities and to have strengthened Sundsvall as a retail destination area. As a result of the disposal, we can focus further on growth projects." says Petter Boström, CEO of Peritas.

The transaction was completed off-market and the advisors to the sellers have been Bernstrom & Partners, together with EY Law.