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Letting is at the heart of RED’s success, and remains a significant part of its operation. Through its familiarity with every successful retail concept, RED has succeeded in letting more than 500,000 m² of retail area all across Sweden. As a natural part of its approach to letting and project-related operations, RED has decided to develop its expertise in management so that it can offer a more comprehensive product.



Since the Company began trading in 2008, RED has leased out more than 500,000 square metres of retail park space, from Luleå in Northern Sweden to Malmö in the South, to major players in retail parks. Letting is carried out on behalf of property owners, in our own projects or at the request of tenants whose requirements for premises have changed. RED undertakes assignments on recommendation, and selects the assignments on the basis of the Company’s own understanding of the market and its relationship to the client. You can read more about letting here

Property Development

RED’s core business is to develop retail properties in external locations. It can be both natural land as developed properties with unrealized potential.

RED assumes its partner’s needs, those actors who benefit from establishing themselves at an effective traffic hub. RED’s understanding of trade patterns and catchment comes from its employees for more than 10 years working with the letting of commercial premises.
Within the framework of activities visiting RED running all major and many smaller venues in Sweden. RED hits executives within the municipality and city in order to establish itself as a long-term player, expert, advisor and community developers. RED is a valuable partner for both municipalities and retail operators.

Transaction support – acquisition and divestment

Due to the long experience of the retail development, RED has executed and participated in a large number of transaction processes, involving both acquisition and divestment.

During acquisition processes, RED can assist with its expertise in the retail property segment through analyses and investigations into retail trends, active retailers and the property market for external retail properties in general. In addition, through its network, RED can assist in coordinating all contacts and essential activities within the transaction process, including consultation on commercial negotiations, technical, legal and commercial due diligence advice, establishing contacts in relation to finance, as well as tax and corporate advice.

Property management - focusing on adding value

RED maximises property values by improving and developing unenclosed shopping centres.

 To maximise value, RED identifies the right tenant mix to strengthen and increase the attractiveness of the retail park. To maximise the effectiveness of a retail park, RED examines the tenants’ area requirements, the park logistics and parking spaces, as well as the visibility of both tenants and the retail park through signs, pylons and clear entrances.  RED directs and drives refurbishment/rebuilding projects whether large-scale or small, from idea to final inspection. RED handles the process of amending plans when major changes are involved, as well as acquiring building permits and other interactions with the authorities. RED increases the attractiveness of retail parks through clear visual changes, such as a new appearance through new façades and new signage programmes, or through a change in concept by renaming the retail park and designing a new logo. 

Operating Partner

RED offers investors a secure investment process in connection with joint-venture structures, in which RED functions as an active ”Operating partner”, taking responsibility for the entire acquisition process and the investment in general.

As Operating Partner, RED develops an appropriate business plan in collaboration with its investment partner, and takes responsibility for ensuring that the plan is correctly completed and implemented to achieve maximum progress and return on the investment. As Operating Partner, RED takes overall responsibility for asset management and for the development of investments and projects. 

Asset management

RED has wide-ranging expertise and considerable experience in asset management in respect of investments in both existing and future retail parks.

The strategy is tailored to suit the specific character and requirements of each individual investment, with RED providing professional reporting and carefully prepared business plans at all times. RED advocates both proactive and active asset management, where RED’s local commitment and expertise is essential in creating long-term value and maximum return on investments. RED’s unique contact network and close connections with active retailers creates an additional dimension within asset management by ensuring optimal new letting as well as maintaining and promoting good tenant relations. Through this asset management strategy, RED  always strive to realise the full potential of each investment.