KungSängen opens a new store in #Bernstorp, Malmö

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that KungSängen opens a new store in #Bernstorp Retail Park in Malmö/Burlöv.

The opening in #Bernstorp in December will be the third opening for KungSängen this year. The new store is approximately 500 square meters and will be located next to Stadium Outlet. KungSängen will be a great complement to the retail park and further strenghten the retail mix. This is a proof that #Bernstorp continues to develop positively and is increasing to consolidate its position as the  primary external Retail Park of Northern Malmö.

"Everyone knows that the retail market has been through a hard time. Therefore, it is even more exciting that customers continue to show trust in us as their bed supplier. The customers do not only appreciate that we produce the bed after their specific needs, but also that we offer local production,  alongside with the comfort provided by the handcraft that we offer. Additionally, we deliver the beds to the customers ourselves, meaning that we have a personal relationship with the customers through the entire experience, which many cannot offer. It is only in our stores that the customer can buy a KungSängen-bed. This creates a security for the customer, that they always know that our beds are produced by us. " says the CEO of KungSängen, Peter Gustafsson.

"For a long time, we have been looking for a second store in Malmö, and #Bernstorp is the perfect choice. The store will be designed according to our new concept - an inspiring store filled with pillows, blankets and linens in high quality". says the regional manager Nicklas Thuvesson.