Since 2008, RED has let out more than 250.000 square meters in retail parks, from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. Letting is done on behalf of property owners as well as tenants with changing needs and of course for RED’s own projects.

RED undertakes assignments on recommendation and choose assignments carefully based on RED’s own understanding of the market and its relationship with the client. RED’s reputation is born out of documented success in areas with vacancies and unfavorable conditions prevailing. This is due to the fact that over the years RED has achieved success with what has often been regarded as nearly impossible assignments.

RED’s success comes from an understanding of the tenant’s reality in combination with an understanding of project finance and property values derived from our background as developers. RED is creative and has the conviction that successful letting is based on footwork, meetings in person, site visits, market knowledge, contacts, and not the least enthusiasm.

Prior to undertaking any assignment RED will carefully advise the prospective client of its analysis of the requirements for the assignment. For us it is important to be credible and consistent towards tenants and clients. RED therefore will not engage in competing assignments, nor does RED accept assignments for which it cannot hold a convincing rhetoric.

RED’s associates have been active in Retail Park letting since 2001 and their network of contacts is well established. Few operators in the market have as good a chance to succeed in letting traditional retail park units, as REDs track record will show.