Since the Company began trading in 2008, RED has leased out more than 300,000 square metres of retail park space, from Luleå in Northern Sweden to Malmö in the South, to major players in retail parks. Letting is carried out on behalf of property owners, in our own projects or at the request of tenants whose requirements for premises have changed. RED undertakes assignments on recommendation, and selects the assignments on the basis of the Company’s own understanding of the market and its relationship to the client.

RED’s trademark is to achieve success in retail sites with vacancies and in which conditions are extremely poor. Over the years, this accolade has been earned as the Company has been successful in assignments which the market regarded as impossible. RED has rapidly managed to turn round whole retail parks which had been in decline. Over the past three years, RED has built up a portfolio of almost 130,000 square metres, with a property value approaching SEK 2.5 billion.

Länna Market in Stockholm, Ingelsta Retail Park in Norrköping and Bernstorp Retail Park in Malmö are all shopping centres which have been transformed into new and attractive destinations.

RED’s success stems from its understanding of the realities facing tenants, and is directly attributable to the fact that all letting is carried out by expert property developers. This understanding, in combination with an understanding of project economics and property values, which derives from our background as developers, has proved to be highly successful. RED is highly creative, and is convinced that success in letting is based on excellent photography and site visits, knowledge of the market, contacts and, not least, enthusiasm.

Before taking on an assignment, RED is careful to inform the client of our analysis of the preconditions for the assignment. It is a point of honour for us to be dependable and consistent towards both tenant and client. For that reason, RED does not accept competing assignments nor does it accept assignments for which it cannot make a convincing case.

”We know retail parks” is our slogan, and our goal is to continue to be the best at letting retail parks.