Ronald Rico
0708 – 99 10 10

Ronald Rico has worked with real estates in different contexts for the last 15 years. Ronald has represented the contractor side by working with the physical production of new buildings and represented the facility management side by managing commercial properties. Ronald has during the last seven years been working with pure real estate development, focusing on retail. Ronalds network of contacts includes tenants mainly in retail, institutional and private property owners, both Swedish and international, and a great number of contacts within the Swedish municipalites.

Johanna Viborg
0708 – 99 10 71

Johanna Viborg joins us from a job as an accountant on a nationwide real estate company.Johanna has an MBA with a specialization in accounting and finance from the School of Business at Umeå University. During the time as an accountant in the in real estate sector Johanna Viborg has worked with a wide range of accounting-related issues that occurs frequently and have therefore received a good knowledge of the market.

Senior advisor / Chairman of the board
Ulf Östberg
0703 – 17 72 50

Ulf has worked in the construction- and real estate business since 1987. Ulf holds a degree in engineering and has an extensive experience of retail properties.
Most recently Ulf worked as the CEO at a large Swedish construction company.
At RED, Ulf will primarily focus on project development in early stages and project implementations.

Property Director
Johanna Areskoug
0709 – 58 66 64

Johanna has worked within the real estate business since 2003 and most recently she worked at a larger international property consultant company with real estate transactions. Johanna has a degree in construction- and real estate economy from KTH. Previously Johanna worked as a project leader within development and early stages at Stockholm Stad, as well with property management. Johanna has acquired a wide range of competence in the real estate sector and has thereby developed a very good knowledge of the market.

Ruaa Tayeh
0708 – 99 29 28

Ruaa Tayeh has science her graduation been working with economy and administration for three years. Year 2012 Ruaa Tayeh graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business specializing in marketing, from the Linnaeus University in Kalmar. Science graduation, Ruaa has been working in a small company with economic and administrative tasks. At RED, Ruaas primary task is to handle the administration and accounting.

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