Property & project management

Letting represents the cradle of RED:s business and is yet today a significant part of their activity. RED has through its closeness to each Retailer managed to let out more then 150.000 sqm of retail area throughout the country. As a natural consequence of working close to their tenants RED has chosen to further develop their business into including Asset and Property management, this in order to offer a complete product to investors.

RED offers both technical Property management services as well as economic asset management of Retail Properties. Having extensively worked with development of Retail Park Projects has led to great experience knowledge within this field, which enables an optimalisation when managing the product. Project management and redevelopment of each property becomes as well a natural extension of this process.


RED has thru the long experience of development relating to retail parks, worked with a large number of acquisition and transaction processes. RED offers investors a secure investment process in the context of joint venture structures where RED is an active operating partner with responsibility for the whole acquisition process.